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CPA Clinical Specialty Program



The CPA Clinical Specialty Program certifies physiotherapists who have focused their careers in a specific area of physiotherapy clinical practice.




Specialty Certification For Physiotherapists

The CPA Clinical Specialty Program is a self-directed certification program to recognize physiotherapists who have demonstrated advanced clinical competence, leadership, continuing professional development and involvement in research. The program consists of a written portfolio submission and oral presentation that is assessed by a 3-person panel of peers.

The various components of the program allow candidates to demonstrate their professional competencies and development as a clinical specialist. 

The program is available to all physiotherapists across Canada regardless of location or practice setting.


What Others Are Saying About the Program

Meet some of the graduates of the CPA Clinical Specialty Program!

Audrey Long, Musculoskeletal


Judy Kay, Cardiorespiratory


Kelli Berzuk, Women's Health

"I really think that ultimately it is patients who will benefit from the specialization process."

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"The specialization program is one vehicle that concretely demonstrates a standard achieved. It has been well received within my hospital, with other PTs and team members."

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"From the responses I have received from the physicians and medical specialists that I work with, I know this will lead to increased involvement in new areas and activities..."

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