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All events are conducted in English, unless otherwise indicated.
October-02-15CourseCanadian Falls Prevention Curriculum

Host: External Organization

October-02-15CourseLevel II Lower

Host: Southern Alberta Orthopaedic Unit

Calgary AB
October-03-15CourseManaging Neck Pain in Primary Care!!

Host: University of Saskatchewan

Regina, Saskatchewan
October-03-15CourseA Practical Course in Balance and Mobility Tests and Outcome Measures

Host: Senior's Health Division

Peterborough Regional Health Centre
October-05-15WebinarPractising in the Cloud: What Clinic Owners Need to Know

Host: CPA National

October-08-15WebinarNordic Pole Walking Seminar

Host: Nordixx Pole Walking Canada

October-09-15WebinarRESEARCH RELAYS for rehabilitation practice

Host: UBC Rehabilitation Science Program

October-17-15CourseSeeking Someone’s Story: Enhancing Communication through Narrative Medicine

Host: Leadership Division

Toronto, ON
October-22-15WebinarThe PT's Role in Concussion Management

Host: ImPACT

October-23-15CourseYoga Therapy for Pain Rehabilitation

Host: University of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, SK
October-23-15CourseLevel 1

Host: Ontario Orthopaedic Section

Toronto, ON
October-23-15CourseLevel III Upper Manual Therapy

Host: Ontario Orthopaedic Division Section

Toronto, ON
October-23-15CourseLevel IV Manual Therapy

Host: Ontario Orthopaedic Section

Toronto, ON
October-23-15CourseThe Study of Human Movement

Host: CBIA/Neurosciences Division

Toronto ON
October-24-15CourseLevel IV

Host: Orthopaedic Division

London, ON
October-24-15CourseNew trends in the prevention of running injuries

Host: The Running Clinic

Calgary, AB
October-26-15WebinarClinic Marketing

Host: Private Practice Division

October-26-15WebinarMarketing Strategies

Host: Private Practice Division

October-27-15WebinarHow Can Dance Impact Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms?

Host: Neuroscience Division

October-31-15CourseLevel II Upper

Host: Orthopaedic Division

Victoria, BC
October-31-15CourseThe Shoulder Complex, Part 1 and II

Host: Hamilton District of the Ontario Physiotherapy Association

Hamilton, ON