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Getting Prepared for Global Health Work: Why, What to Do and How to Do It?

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Writing Qualitative Research for Pubication

Practice Resources

Clinical knowledge and skills, practice management skills and administration, research, relevant publications and professional development opportunities included in this section are important to all physiotherapists whether they own a practice, direct a department, manage a facility, or practice as an employee.

What should you do? Insurance and Risk Management in practice - Notice of Complaint

March 18, 2015

You arrive to work and receive notice of a College complaint made by a former patient. Do you: Try to resolve the situation on your own, with assistance from your employer? or Report the claim to your insurer?

The Science and Practical Application of the geko™ Device

January 27, 2015

Speakers: Doug Stacey, Diana Hopkins-Rosseel, Shannon McKie (mod.) (90 minutes)

Clinical Specialty Program

Available to all physiotherapists practicing in Canada! Learn how you can become certified in your area of practice.

Translating Outcome Measures

Explore a new outcome measure each session and apply it to your practice.

Vol. 5 No. 3

May 22, 2015

Everything you never knew you wanted to know about fencing

Vol. 5 No. 2

April 15, 2015

Under the Northern Lights