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Position Statements

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The Role of Physiotherapy in Aboriginal Health Care

Physiotherapists can play a significant role in service development and planning that is based on the unique and specific needs of Aboriginal populations.

Evidence-Informed Practice

Physiotherapists use evidence-informed practice to guide decisions about patient care. Read more >>

Population Health

CPA endorses a population health approach to address the present and future health needs of Canadians. Read more >>

Physiotherapists and Orthoses

Physiotherapists are qualified to assess dysfunction, injury or pain related to foot biomechanics. Read more >>

Primary Health Care

Physiotherapists have an essential role in the delivery of responsive, accessible primary health care to Canadians and their communities. Read more >>


Tobacco use inflicts a heavy burden on Canadians' health and on the Canadian health care system. Read more >>

Physical Activity for Children and Youth

Regular exercise and an active, healthy lifestyle are essential for Canadian children to achieve and maintain health throughout the lifespan. Read more >>

Patient Safety

Physiotherapists play an essential role in promoting a safer health care system for Canadians. Read more >>


Spinal and peripheral manipulation techniques are components of manual therapy and are within the scope of practice of physiotherapists. Read more >>

Interprofessional Collaboration and Practice

A physiotherapist is an integral member of inter-professional collaborative models of care. Read more >>

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