our membership rose by approximately 4% over 2014, now representing approximately 59% of all physiotherapists practicing in canada. 2326 students took advantage of free membership, and
our pta ranks
are up a ton!
100 members
100 new members
ON - 5594
BC - 2320
AB - 1801
QC - 1532
NS - 693
MB - 603
SK - 570
NB - 319
NL - 273
PE - 63
YK - 34
NT - 21
student membership
total cpa membership
this year saw the movement toward a paperless environment gain momentum, with cpa's scientific journal, physiotherapy canada, offering members a mobile format for tablets and smartphones.
documents accessed
approx. 4000 views
our digital presence has expanded significantly over the past year, as we work to keep up to the curve. we've expanded our voice on twitter and facebook, and have made strides in improving the cpa website.
total accounts following cpa
approx. 4000
in an effort to provide year-round public outreach and promotion for physiotherapy, we launched a new public website, PhysioCanHelp.ca, during national physiotherapy month 2014. the new site is designed to educate canadians about the role physiotherapy can play in addressing a variety of injuries and conditions.
to the
a coordinated
achievements in
25 webinars
2 in-person
1 online
to advance the profession of physiotherapy in order to improve the health of canadians
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oren cheifetz
jennifer burt
jennifer cummings
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