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National Physiotherapy Month

Canada has over 20,000 registered physiotherapists. National Physiotherapy Month is a time to celebrate the profession and recognize the expertise and care that physiotherapists offer to promote good health, prevent injuries and improve fitness and wellness of Canadians by addressing a range of issues.

This year, CPA has decided to focus its NPM theme on Healthy Aging.
As we get older, we are more likely to find ourselves dealing with an array of challenging health conditions. As clinicians, we have gotten better at treating many of these conditions, but the costs to the health care system are monumental, and rising with the rapidly growing demographic of aging Canadians. 
This is your chance to take advantage of NPM to start a conversation with your patients and clients, your neighbours and friends, and the health care decision-makers where you live about the importance of physiotherapy and rehabilitation in leading a long, active, healthy life. 
Some points to consider:
  • By 2035, approximately 1 in 4 Canadians will be over 65 years of age. (Statistics Canada)
  • While Canadians older than age 65 currently account for less than 15 per cent of the population, they consume 45 per cent of provincial and territorial government health care dollars. (CIHI, 2014)
  • Our system was created over half a century ago to meet the needs of a much younger population, and we have not adapted to meet the growing number of aging Canadians. (Canadian Medical Association)
  • Just 18% of Canadians believe that hospital and long-term care homes will be able to meet the needs of the aging population, and only 20% think there will be enough trained staff to provide adequate care. (Canadian Alliance for Long-Term Care) representative, champion, spokesperson, promoter, broker

No matter how you describe it, you are physiotherapy ambassadors in the community, and you all play an incredibly important role in carrying the NPM message.  From local NPM events, to social media, to information for the general public, we have created engagement tools that we hope will help you deliver the right messages at the right time to the right audiences.
All materials are available in easy-to-print formats, whether you choose to print on your office printer or take them to your local office supply and print shop.
We wish you all the best of luck with your local NPM events, and we encourage you to share what you do via Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags #physiocanhelp and #PhysioCanNPM.

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