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Physiotherapy Education

Become a Physiotherapist

Fourteen universities offer a professional Master’s degree in physiotherapy in Canada - ten in English and four in French.

Program graduates are eligible to write the national Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE) which is a requirement in most provinces to register and work as a physiotherapist.

Learn more about physiotherapy education
Learn more about the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE)


Become a Physiotherapist Assistant (PTA)

PTA Programs in Canada

Physiotherapist assistants in Canada work under the direction of a licensed physiotherapist in the provision of physiotherapy services. They receive their education in programs at a technical or community college, or a university. The programs may carry different titles including:

  • Physiotherapy Assistant/Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
  • Rehabilitation Assistant Program
  • Therapist Assistant Program
  • Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant Program

Selective list of PTA Programs


Internationally Educated Physiotherapists

Physiotherapists who have completed their education outside of Canada must contact the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (The Alliance) and apply for credentialling.

The Alliance is the national federation of provincial/territorial physiotherapy regulators who:

  • Administers the Physiotherapy Competency Examination to determine a candidate's readiness for safe, effective, and independent physiotherapy practice
  • Establishes whether the education and qualifications of internationally educated applicants are substantially equivalent to those of Canadian educated physiotherapists

Learn more about The Alliance's credentialling process


Self-Assessment Readiness Tool (SART©)

To help internationally educated physiotherapists and physiotherapist assistants understand the Canadian profession, complete this tool to learn about the knowledge and skills you will need to work in Canada.

Physiotherapist Self-Assessment
Physiotherapist Assistant Self-Assessment